Caching: The Secret Power Boosting Your Applications

Yesi Days
3 min readAug 3, 2023


The speed and performance of modern technology applications often feel like nothing short of magic. One moment you’re clicking on a link or tapping on an app, and the next, you’re transported to an interface filled with rich, interactive content. But behind this seemingly instant data access lies a multitude of complex technologies, one of which is caching.

It’s a crucial aspect of any computing or networking system that plays an often unseen but significantly impactful role in improving the system’s overall performance.

What is Caching?

At its core, caching is a method used to store copies of data or compute results and serve them for future requests. This stored data, or “cache”, is typically held in fast-access hardware such as RAM and can range from web pages, database queries, images, scripts, or other types of digital assets.

Why Do I Need Caching?

Caching serves multiple important purposes. Here are a few:

Speed: Accessing data from cache is often significantly faster than retrieving it from the primary storage location. This is because cache memory typically operates at a higher speed.

Reduced Latency: By serving data from cache, applications can dramatically reduce latency. This means users don’t need to wait long for data, leading to a smoother, more seamless experience.

Decreased Network Traffic: By reducing the necessity to transmit data across the network, caching decreases network traffic, thereby conserving bandwidth.

How to use it?

Let’s consider a simple example of a news website. The website is continually updated with new articles, but many pieces of information like the website’s layout, the logo, and some older, popular articles rarely change.

Without caching, every time a user visits the site, their browser would need to download all this information from the website’s servers, a process that can take considerable time and network resources.

But with caching, after the user’s first visit, much of this data (like the site’s layout, logo, and older articles)…



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